Genmai 玄米

RM15.00 MYR

Genmai 玄米

RM15.00 MYR
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  • Tea Brewing 101

Made by roasting Japanese Mochi Rice, our Genmai offers a unique roasted flavor to anything its added to.

It can be used to add flavor to teas, as a garnish for miso soup, rice, or even be eaten as a snack!

We also have our very own Genmaicha Teabags for your enjoyment!

Preparing Our Teas

Brewing tea can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if its your first time! Here's a temperature and steeping guide for the teas that we offer. 


 Method  Weight (grams) Water / Temperature Steeping time*  Re-steep? 
Hot Brew  2 grams
1-2 tsp
150ml / 90°C 30 - 60s 3 - 5x
 Cold Brew  10 grams
2-3 tbsp
1 Litre / Cold 8+ hours in Fridge 1 - 2x
Teabags 1 Teabag 150ml / 90°C 30 - 60s 3 - 5x

Hot brew teas are recommended as a warm accompaniment for a meal, or as a morning, afternoon, or even evening beverage as our teas contain a much lower amount of caffeine as compared to Coffee or even Matcha.

For convenience, Cold Brew teas are recommended as it can be made well in advance and it also draws out the natural sweetness of the teas without the bitterness normally associated with teas.

 *Adjust to taste, longer for stronger tea