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Cozy Warm Tea Christmas Set - Portable Tea Set

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Tea Set

It's the season of giving, and what better than giving your loved ones their very own Tea set that they can bring everywhere! 🎁🎄🥰 (or for yourself too, we won't judge!)

This set comes in a Christmas-themed box, and includes a mini Tea bowl, a portable Bamboo Whisk, a Bamboo Scoop, 50g of our best seller Hojicha, Genmaicha, and Matcha Powder, all straight from Japan!

What's Inside the Christmas-Themed Box:
- Mini Chasen: A traditional bamboo whisk, essential for preparing the perfect cup of tea.
- Chashaku: A bamboo scoop, gracefully crafted for accurate tea measurement.
- Mini Chawan: A charming tea bowl adorned with a delicate purple flower pattern, adding elegance to your tea ritual.
- Premium Tea Selections (50g each):
- Hojicha Powder Kaori: Experience the rich, roasted flavors of our best-selling Hojicha.
- Genmaicha Powder Asamidori: Savor the unique blend of green tea and roasted brown rice ground into powder.
- Kimidori Matcha: Delight in the vibrant, smooth taste of our Matcha, direct from Japan.
- Christmas Greeting Card: Add a personal touch to your gift with a heartfelt message.