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HojichaYa ProsperiTea Giftset

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Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财! 

Express your Chinese New Year wishes and gratitude with our special ProsperiTea Gift Set, containing a Kyusu teapot, a handmade tea scoop made from Sakura Tree, glass teacups, perfect to brew and drink our Signature Hojicha Dark Roast, Genmaicha Midori, and our seasonal special Obukucha 大福茶! 

In addition, we also created our very own Angpao/Red packet for you to spread the joy and ProsperiTea! With this, anyone you give it to can also get free tea!

What's Inside the HojichaYa Chinese New Year Teaset

- Premium Tea Selections:
- 50g Obukucha 大福茶: - With gold flakes and matcha green together with Sencha and roasted genmai, symbolizes prosperity and luck in a new year and celebration. It tastes fresh even when consumed cold and helps get rid of greasy feeling when eating.
- 80g Hojicha Dark Roast Our Signature Roasted Green Tea, smoky and relaxing
- 80g Genmaicha Midori: Delight in the vibrant, smooth taste of our Matcha, direct from Japan.

- Glazed Futanashi Kyusu: A lidless teapot, this allows you to view the tea leaves opening beautifully, while being easy to clean with a removable strainer inside the teapot
- 2x Glass Teacups: Savour your teas in glass teacups that hold the perfect amount of tea per cup!
- Tea Scoop: A handmade tea scoop made from the wood of Sakura Tree, helps you scoop your tea from the bag to the teapot!
- Angpao/Red Packet: Spread the joy and ProsperiTea by sharing this red packet with everyone and they can also get free tea 
- Red 福 Prosperity, which reads as 'fuku' in Japanese and 'fu' in Mandarin, it translates to 'Luck' or 'Fortune'. A nice red packaging whenever you take the tea set, always have a good luck bag that follows you everywhere.