• History and Benefits of Hojicha

    What is Hojicha?

    Hojicha (which is the Japanese word for 'Roasted Green Tea') isย Japanese green tea that is roasted over high heat after the steaming process that changes its flavor components and creating this wonderfully unique, roasted tea flavor that can't be found in other teas.

    History of Hojicha

    Hojicha originated in Kyoto during the 1920s, before the Hojicha was founded, tea farmers and merchants used to throw away their "leftover" trimmings such as stems, twigs, and broken tea leaves.ย 


  • Cold Brew Hojicha Aka

    Living in Malaysia with our famous 3 seasons (Hot, Rain, and Durian?), it's inevitable for us to start craving for some cold beverage. Now with ourย Hojicha Dark Roast "Aka", you too can start drinking this delicious and refreshing beverage!