About HojichaYa

HojichaYa is the first brand to completely specialize in Hojicha roasted green tea in Malaysia. All our teas are sourced directly from Uji Region in Kyoto, Japan, which is one of the best tea producing region in Japan. Our teas are harvested and packaged directly in the farm.

Hojicha (ほうじ茶) is a type of green tea that originates in Kyoto during the 1920s, and the roasting process allows the tea to retain some of its nutritional benefits and also gains its signature roasty flavor without the caffeine.

Here at HojichaYa, we provide you with our signature dark roast Hojicha "Aka" and many more of our specially curated Japanese Green Tea.

We hope you follow us and our journey, learning and growing together in the fascinating world of Japanese Green Tea.



Registered member of the Global Japanese Tea Association