About Us

What makes HojichaYa different?

All our teas are sourced directly from growers and producers that we know personally, in addition, all our teas are air-flown directly from Japan to ensure maximum freshness for our customers' enjoyment.

All our teas has been specifically chosen for a specific flavor profile and purpose, such as our Hojicha, Sencha, Genmaicha and Oolong, as well as our multi-purpose tea powders such as Matcha, Hojicha and Genmaicha Powders. You are sure to find something you like! Otherwise, just ask!


How did we start?

HojichaYa was started in the year 2020 by 2 young tea lovers with a simple mission, introduce Hojicha to Malaysia. As time passed, these young tea lovers eventually grew into not only loving the teas, but also the culture and the community behind it.

On the same year, HojichaYa's founders became a member of the Global Japanese Tea Association, which is established to promote Japanese tea and its culture to the world, as well as build a community around Japanese tea producers, sellers and the consumers.

In the year 2023, in order to learn more about the depth of Japanese tea, we went to Japan and worked in the tea farm, from the factory maintenance to tea harvesting, in order to gain an even deeper understanding and appreciation for the work that goes into every single leaf of Japanese tea that goes into our cup.

Tea Harvesting Machine


Vision and Mission


To become the leading Japanese tea brand in Malaysia, by making high-quality Japanese tea accessible to everyone, while fostering an appreciation for Japanese tea culture.


At HojichaYa Teas, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality teas to our customers, while promoting the values of sustainability, and respect for tradition while also embracing modernity, and cultural exchange in Malaysia with exceptional tea experiences, educating them on the unique tastes and traditions of Japanese tea.

 Trimmed Spring Tea Leaves


What Next?

We believe that in order to promote Japanese Tea culture in Malaysia, it is necessary to help consumers learn about the teas, so we have devised a few initiatives 

1. Informative posts in our Social Medias
2. Artisanal, High-quality Japanese Teas straight from the source
3. Japanese Tea Workshops
4. Collaboration with Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur to promote Japanese tea and its culture
5. Promise to answer every question possible about Japanese Tea

We hope you follow us and our journey, learning and growing together in the fascinating world of Japanese Green Tea. Find the best matcha powder in Malaysia only from HojichaYa. Explore our exceptional range of Japanese green tea like hojicha tea, genmaicha tea, sencha green tea, and many more! 

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Registered member of the Global Japanese Tea Association