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  • Japanese matcha powder in Malaysia.
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Matcha Kiyo - Premium Confectionary Grade

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Matcha Kiyo ( きよ ) is a Premium Confectionary grade Matcha and is ideal for use in Desserts, and Baked goods that require an intense Matcha flavor and vibrant green color as it retains the color throughout the heating process.

We recommend using this Matcha in your Baking needs and your cup of homemade Latte!

Produced in the Uji region in Kyoto, this Matcha is vibrant green and has a mellow flavor, as well as possessing slight bitter notes of catechin

* Assists Weight Loss
* High in Antioxidants
* High in Dietary Fiber
* Helps Reduce Stress

Iced Matcha Latte
Step 1: Measure out 6 grams of Matcha Powder and 5 grams of brown sugar
Step 2: Pour 20ml of 80°C of hot water
Step 3: Stir until the mixture is smooth (with a whisk or spoon)
Step 4 : Pour 160ml of milk of choice into a cup of ice and Matcha mixture on top
Step 5 : Enjoy your fresh cup of Latte!