Genmaicha Midori 緑

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Genmaicha Midori 緑

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Genmaicha, also known as "Popcorn Tea", is considered as one of Japan’s most popular teas. Our Genmaicha is made from a 50:50 ratio of high quality green tea and our very own roasted mochi rice. 

Our Midori Genmaicha is brass yellow in color, with a light astringency and a rounded finish. Its nutty pecan-like aroma and buttery sweet taste that makes it a very soothing and satisfying tea.








Steamed, Rolled, Dried


Serving Recommendation:

Hot Brew: 
Tea: 2g or 1 tsp                                   Water: 150ml

Temperature: 90 C°     
                      Time  : 30-60 seconds

Re-steep 3 - 4x

Cold Brew:
Tea: 10g or 2 tbsp                                Water: 1000ml
Temperature: Cold to Room temp       Time  : At least 2 hours in fridge



1. Higher temperature for more astringency/bitterness, lower for more sweetness

2. Increase steeping time after each steep to allow the flavor of tea to be extracted.


Preparing Our Teas

Brewing tea can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if its your first time! Here's a temperature and steeping guide for the teas that we offer. 


 Method  Weight (grams) Water / Temperature Steeping time*  Re-steep? 
Hot Brew  2 grams
1-2 tsp
150ml / 90°C 30 - 60s 3 - 5x
 Cold Brew  10 grams
2-3 tbsp
1 Litre / Cold 8+ hours in Fridge 1 - 2x
Teabags 1 Teabag 150ml / 90°C 30 - 60s 3 - 5x

Hot brew teas are recommended as a warm accompaniment for a meal, or as a morning, afternoon, or even evening beverage as our teas contain a much lower amount of caffeine as compared to Coffee or even Matcha.

For convenience, Cold Brew teas are recommended as it can be made well in advance and it also draws out the natural sweetness of the teas without the bitterness normally associated with teas.

 *Adjust to taste, longer for stronger tea