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  • Genmaicha Midori - HojichaYa Japanese Tea Malaysia
  • Genmaicha "Midori" - HojichaYa Japanese Tea Malaysia
  • Genmaicha Midori 緑 - HojichaYa Tea Malaysia
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Genmaicha Midori 緑

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Genmaicha - Green Tea with Roasted Rice

Genmaicha, also known as "Popcorn Tea", is considered as one of Japan’s most popular teas. Our Genmaicha is made from a 50:50 ratio of high-quality green tea and our very own roasted mochi rice. 

Our Midori Genmaicha is brass-yellow in color, with a light astringency and a rounded finish. Its nutty pecan-like aroma and buttery sweet taste that make it a very soothing and satisfying tea.

This tea is great as accompaniment to a meal, hot/iced tea for tea time, or even as a tea for Ochazuke! (Tea on Rice)