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Chashaku 茶杓 - Traditional Japanese Tea Scoop

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Chashaku (茶杓), which translates to Tea Scoop, is a traditional tool used to scoop Matcha in Tea Ceremonies. Likewise, Chasen, a bamboo matcha scoop is made from a single piece of bamboo that has been aged for a few years to ensure flexibility and hardness.

One large heaping scoop with a Chashaku contains roughly 1 gram of powder (Matcha/Hojicha/Genmaicha), which is great when making Usucha (thin tea) using ceremonial grade matcha.

- As much as possible, avoid using water to directly wash the Chashaku as it may seep and ruin the bamboo
- After use, clean the Chashaku with a dry towel/tissue, and occasionally use a towel dipped into hot water, and wipe dry immediately

Length: 18.5cm
Material: Bamboo
Origin: Japan