What is Shincha?

What is Shincha?

Shincha literally means ‘new tea’ in Japanese and refers to tea made from the first harvest (first flush/spring harvest) of the year, harvested between early April and May depending on the region of Japan.

The tea harvested around this time of year has a special distinct aroma and taste in the young and fresh leaves, and they do not exist in the teas of the following seasons, that's why the Spring Harvest teas or Shincha are always coveted by the enthusiasts.


There are 3 characteristics that makes Shincha so great

  • First Flush
    Shincha is always made from first flush tea, meaning they are harvested early in Spring Season, and made from young, tender buds of the tea plant, which is also most nutritious and flavorful at this time of year.

  • Flavor, Aroma, and Color
    The flavor Spring harvest tea is generally sweeter, and the tea has a very fresh aroma, in addition, the color of Spring harvest tea leaves are almost always deep, dark green, due to the shading that is done to concentrate their flavors

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Spring Harvest Sencha

  • Soft, Delicate Leaves
    As Shincha only uses the most tender buds of the plant, the leaves are very soft and delicate, making it possible for you to even chew on them after brewing! (Tip: Add used Shincha tea leaves as topping for your meals so you get all the nutritional benefits of the tea!)

Shincha in 2022

This year, we have chosen a Shincha from one of our partnered farms in Japan, this tea uses the Yabukita cultivar, with a moderate amount of umami and sweetness, this tea is perfect for introduction to the wonderful world of Shincha!

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