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2022 Kyoto Kabuse Sencha

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A first-flush tea picked on a small farm in Kyoto, this tea has a refreshing scent with moderate umami as well as astringency and sweetness.

The word  "Kabuse" refers to the act of shading the tea for a period of between 2-4 weeks depending on the tea, and this concentrates the umami and nutrients present in the tea. This tea is shaded for 2 weeks prior to harvesting, which results in stronger umami and gives it a slight sweetness.

The word "Shincha" means "new tea", which in Japan, refers to the early Spring Harvest (Late April or May) of every year, where the tea plants harvested have had enough time to gather nutrients from after the last harvest which is usually the Summer or Autumn of the previous year.

The young, tender buds of the tea plant are the ones harvested for spring harvest teas due to them being particularly rich in nutrients as well as flavor.

Origin             : Kyoto, Uji
Cultivar           : Yabukita
Harvest           : May, Spring 2022
Shading          : 2 Weeks
Steaming        : Regular
Flavor Profile  : Umami, Sweet